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Firefighter radio holster and custom firefighter radio holster from RESPONDERS FIRST™

Are you looking for a universal firefighter radio holster for multiple different types of radios? High quality firefighter radio holsters are available at Responders First online store for walkie talkies or cell phone. We have custom firefighter radio holster to fit different sizes of the radio and satisfy your needs. It is adjustable to the size of any portable radio.


The firefighter radio pouch has two straps with buttons at the back which allows you to pass through your waist belt in an easy way. After putting the walkie talkie inside the firefighter radio pouch, you can insert the buckled strap. You can free up your hands to do other things. You can connect the plugs and access the volume knot through the waist holes without taking out the walkie talkie. The portable firefighter radio pouch fits for a two way radio. If you have a radio with a bulky lapel microphone attachment, it would be a great fit.


Custom Firefighter Radio Holster Holder Pouch for firefighters and military use

It is applicable for firefighters and military use which is lightweight, durable and portable. You can fold it into smaller sizes for camping and traveling. The firefighter radio holster is made of nylon and leather. The firefighter radio holder is sturdy and stands up to getting wet and dirty in a fire. It can hold up for years. We aim to provide the best equipment to protect the firefighters. Through research, development, innovation and education, we strive to bring firefighting equipment that is safe, healthy, easily cleaned and decontaminated.


The firefighter radio pouch is compatible for carrying a wide variety of tools, pocket knife, flashlights and other gears. The universal elastic retention is achieved by the elastic fabric on both sides of the firefighter radio pouch which allows you to quickly deploy and stow your gear. The design concept is based on our patent pending attachment system. The entire system is built around the radio strap platform with modular accessories to fulfill all the firefighters’ operational needs to perform various tasks onsite. From mounting morale patches to ID tags to carrying hand sanitizers, we have got you covered with a custom firefighter radio holster.


With the excellent fireman radio holster made from RESPONDERS FIRST™, it fits any radios perfectly even with or without the lapel mic installed. The fireman radio holster allows you the flexibility to carry the radio with screen facing in or out. You can simply adjust for different radio heights with the elastic hold down strap. You can use this fireman radio holster with another leather radio strap which will still be a perfect fit and match the strap. It is durable and will give you years of service.


Reasons why you need a firefighter radio holster

Wearing the radio holster in a strap allows the firefighter to access the radio at chest or neck level. If a firefighter is trapped or pinned, he/she can talk on the radio and ask for rescue. Besides, the radio holster can protect the radio from outer heat, smoke, water, getting bumped or falling out of pocket. It also protects the mic cord from the fire environment. Wearing the radio and antenna on the hip or at the chest is better for receiving communications and transmission so a firefighter radio holster is essential for many physical tasks for firefighter. In case you need to connect with outside for rescue but your radio is under your coat, you could accidentally loosen the antenna or change the channel without even knowing it.


You should not wear the radio holster around the shoulder or collar as it may cause the cord to thermal assault. Make sure you can activate your emergency button on the radio with the firefighter radio pouch. Using a custom firefighter radio holster can make activating the emergency button a lot easier. Consider a flexible antenna on your radio and practice the technique pressing the button without gloves and with your gloves on. It can save your life in case of an emergency if you can connect with the outside earlier and utilize the functions of the portable radio.


We have received many positive feedback for custom firefighter radio holsters from the firefighters. After getting the piece of firefighter radio holder in service, the firefighters have come to love it even more and high recommend it to all of their friends, family and followers in the fire service and emergency medical service. It is one of the essential equipment for rescue and training with your full structural firefighting personal protective equipment.


Custom Firefighter Radio Holster Holder Pouch – Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the warranty for firefighter radio holster?

The warranty for firefighter radio holster will be valid for 6 months. Please contact us in case you need to return the custom firefighter radio holster.


  1. Do you offer a bulk purchase discount for firefighter radio holders?

We do offer a bulk purchase discount for firefighter radio holders, please contact us via email, website form or dm us on social media or instagram to discuss further.


  1. How do I know when you have a special promotion of the firefighter radio holder?

Subscribe our newsletter and become the first to know the latest promotion and discount offer of the firefighter radio pouch, radio holder and fireman radio holster.

  1. Should I wear the fireman radio holster around the collar?

No, you should wear the fireman radio holster around the chest or the hip as it is good for radio transmission and receiving communications. Do read the instructions clearly before using the fireman radio holster.


  1. What are the essential functions of firefighter radio pouches?

The firefighter radio pouches hold the radio and antenna which allow the firefighter to reach the radio mic, press the emergency button, change channels and call for support in case of an emergency.

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