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Leather EMS Radio Strap Accessories Add Ons Adapter

Because no two people are alike, we offer the ability to get the strap exactly where you want it to be. Our radio straps are all with removable hardware. For leather radio strap accessories, all hardware of our radio strap platform can be disassembled, allowing the webbing to be machine washed together with all other elements of your PPE without the risk of causing damage. Unlike other traditional leather radio straps accessories, our leather radio straps are compatible with cleaning and decontamination methods using industrial washing machines, extractors, and detergents. The final step in ordering your radio strap is to make sure you have the accessories you need to go with it.  All of our radio straps are sold with coordinating anti-sways, but buckets are sold separately. Our buckets are a universal design and we offer many of the customization options you get to choose from for the strap.  As always, if you have questions about radio strap adapter or radio strap add ons feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" at the top of the page.



The complete system of Leather EMS Radio Strap Accessories Add Ons Adapter 

The radio straps and radio strap adapters usually have heavy-duty, spring-loaded clips, but the weakest point in the whole system are the two small D rings on the radio holster. These are where the radio strap clips are typically attached to – how much resistance do you think these “weenie” D rings can withstand? The D ring on the back of your fire helmet is beefier than these little pixies, and that’s just for hanging your helmet in your locker. We’re talking about supporting the entire weight of your radio under extreme physical activity! What’s the condition and thickness of the leather holster where the D rings are attached for radio strap add ons?  You are entrusting your entire emergency communication system – your lifeline – to these mini D rings. D-ring is one example of our complete system of radio strap accessories. It is designed to fulfill all your operational needs. From mounting morale patches and ID tags to carrying hand sanitisers, we have got you covered no matter your role. The radio strap accessories and add-ons are precisely laser-cut slots on various components to ensure a cosy fit of the radio strap adapter.


More importantly for radio strap add ons and ems radio strap accessories, they are super safe and durable. They are fire-resistant and have a decomposition temperature of around 400°C (800°F). It does not melt or drip, minimizing the risk of exacerbating burn injury due to using 1000D CORDURA® fabric. Our ems radio strap accessories, radio strap add ons and leather radio strap accessories are best for firefighters working in a high-temperature environment.


Leather EMS Radio Strap Accessories Add Ons Adapter - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is the best or proper way to wear my ems radio strap or belt or accessories?

Wearing your radio strap on your left or right side is really up to you, whichever you feel more comfortable with is all that really matters. There are some wrong ways of wearing your belt however, such as outside of your bunker gear or using improper placement of the radio and antenna. Wearing your radio strap outside of your bunker gear leaves you vulnerable to snags, damage, and potential mic lock from heat burnover. Take the time to get familiar with proper radio placement to ensure that it's working when you need it. To properly measure your radio strap, you want to be wearing what you normally wear under your turnout gear.  Measure from your hip, across your opposing shoulder, and back down to your hip.  Your "hip" placement should be wearing you want to connect to your radio bucket.


2. Should I customize my own radio strap add on and radio strap adapter?

Certainly yes! Addons cannot be made by someone else but only yourself to know your daily habit of communication. A custom practise results in better communication for radio strap add on. To reiterate, critical information and important updates know no rank during an emergency. As such, it’s vital that all firefighters train on the use of a two-way portable radio, so they can effectively communicate on the fire and emergency scene with the help of leather radio strap accessories. Training should cover everything from operational and logistical basics to how to transmit and respond to a mayday. Training to talk may sound simple, but what you say on the radio is essential to ensuring your safety and that of your fellow crew members.


3. What is it like to have a proper radio strap adapter and radio strap add ons?

A proper radio strap with proper radio strap accessories immediately eliminated some of the initial gripes about radio straps. First, it is incredibly lightweight, flexible and comfortable. It is very thin but designed with durable fabric, stitching and connection points. Secondly, it was easy to stow because of the flexible fabric. At the end of the shift, you could fold it up to the size of the small holster and slip it right into the boots. Lastly, for leather radio strap accessories, it has a wide array of connections on it, and the strap is sized such that you could rig it quickly in almost any configuration you want.

The radio holster universally accepts just about any radio without having to modify anything, and the information screens and knobs/buttons on the radio are accessible but still relatively protected from unintentional contact.


It also helps maintain the radio a secure position while being worn off the radio strap adapter. The radio strap could be worn comfortably under or over my harness with easy location of the lapel mic wherever you wanted, and the holster was easily secured into a hip position with the retainer strap that comes with the strap. The radio didn’t move all over the place, the lapel mic was easily accessible for communications and no part of the setup interfered with your rigging points or your operations while on rope.


Urgent messages take priority in the radio traffic. Most two-way radios have a button to transmit an emergency signal. When activated, all units stop transmitting and wait for emergency traffic. Emergency traffic consists of an agreed-upon evacuation signal, such as three blasts of an air horn or a high/low siren for 15 seconds of leather radio strap accessories.


A verbal mayday may be given on a prescribed radio channel monitored by all on-scene first responders. A mayday, voiced three times, will be followed by prescribed procedures that firefighters must already know and be trained on, regardless of whether a member of a rescue team or working as part of a fireground crew.

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