About Us


RESPONDERS FIRST™ was formed by a group of firefighters, emergency medical services providers and technical rescuers from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. We realized that despite the geographical borders separating us, we were all facing the same challenges every single day and that there was much to be gained from the experience shared by our colleagues around the world. With the motto of “Protecting the Protectors”, we aim to build a platform focusing on the Research, Development, Innovation and Education of Emergency First Responders around the globe.


To develop innovative and robust products that are capable of overcoming challenges faced by Emergency First Responders. Vision: To become an internationally recognized brand that revolutionizes the firefighting, rescue and emergency medical service industry through the integration of cutting edge technology and by engaging with the emergency first responders community on an unprecedented level.


The world as we know it has changed. The only way to move forward is to Improvise, Adapt, Overcome and to continuously Plan, Prepare and Execute our ideas. With our goal of establishing a global brand, we must dare to be different and disrupt a traditional and saturated industry by venturing into unknown territories. In the globalized and interconnected world we live in today, we believe every individual has limitless potential to achieve the impossible. RESPONDERS FIRST™ believes that the most effective marketing comes from professionals using our products on the frontline and sharing their user experience with us.   We believe this type of User Generated Content (UGC) is the future of marketing.  We will be launching a new UGC campaign every month, encouraging you to share your user experience and creativity with other first responders around the world. We pride ourselves in prioritising the needs of first responders and listening to feedback from the frontline.  This is why we have developed the industry leading “User Task Force” (User, USAR, get it?) where the users of RESPONDERS FIRST™ products have the opportunity to become part of our company by making suggestions and participating in the development of our products. The Task Force Members will each receive 1% of our brand’s revenue in exchange for the skills and speciality they contribute to RESPONDERS FIRST™.   Whilst major brands in the industry often only listen to input from celebrity advisors and overlook the importance of acknowledging feedback from frontline product users, we believe all of our supporters are the cornerstones of our brand and should be recognised as being so. We are First Responders; We put RESPONDERS FIRST™.