Privacy Policy

When visiting you’ll see a banner that lets you opt-in or opt-out of us having access to your browsing cookies.

An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data stored on the user’s computer by the web browser while browsing a website. These cookies are mainly used by our marketing team that uses this information to present to you advertisements related to your previous interactions on our webpage.  With this, you might see ads of RESPONDERS FIRST™ on other websites. This is known as “re-targeting”.

Besides cookies, other information we collect when you shop on our online store includes the order fulfillment data (necessary information to ship your order). This data is only shared with our fulfillment partners. They sign a strict confidentiality agreement with us that prohibits them to share this information and to use it in any way other than to fulfill your order. This information is retained by us so we can provide you with further customer service if needed. In regards to payments, we do not store the information of your preferred payment method as these functionalities are executed by external companies like Shopify, PayPal and the like.

Your location will be identified through your IP, which allows our system to define the shipping cost associated to your order which varies depending on your location.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels are used to track the volume and traffic that reaches our website. Nevertheless, this information is not personally identifiable and is subject to the Privacy Policy of Google and Facebook.

We send regular newsletters to customers who have opted in to be part of our email list. These emails are sent through our email service provider. This information will never be shared or sold without your consent.

By using our site, you consent to this web site privacy policy.